Torch & Dagger is a world of darkness and despair, one where the evils of the world roam freely across the land and common folk rarely leave the safety of their homes after dark. Bandits patrol the roads preying on those foolish enough to travel them, and even more hideous and dangerous monsters skulk about the forests and lesser walked paths devouring any who dare tread them. In the depths of the wilderness lie ruins long lost, yet full of treasure for those brave enough to take it. The life of an adventurer is often short, but for some, the potential riches are worth it.

Adventurers come in many shapes and sizes. Some carry heavy steel and act as bulwarks, protecting the weak from the horrors ahead. Others summon the power of the arcane or the divine to aid their
allies and push back the darkness. Some simply rely on quick wit and fast fingers, grabbing what they can and escaping before anyone can notice. There is no judgement. The world is a dangerous place, and survival trumps all else.

Who are you in this world? Only time will tell. Will you push the darkness back, or will you embrace it? The world is dark and full of terrors. Light your torch.